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Kegel Balls Silicone

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Product Features:

  • 1.4” diameter each ball.
  • 5 kegel balls/set, 1.24oz(35g), 1.41oz(40g), 2.12oz(60g), 2.47oz(70g) and 2.82oz(80g).
  • Engraved weight on each ball.
  • Total 15 different weight combinations: 35g, 40g, 60g, 70g, 75g, 80g, 95g, 100g, 105g, 110g, 115g, 120g, 130g, 140g and 150g, for all levels.
  • 1 SET FOR ALL LEVELS before or after childbirth, during pregnancy.
  • Remove-able from the holder and change out.
  • Soft and stretchy removal cord.
  • For all of beginners, intermediate and expert users.
  • Improve bladder control.
  • Strong pelvic floor muscles, stop leaks.
  • Get stronger and tighter, prevent prolapse.

Package content:

  • 1*Storage bag
  • 5*silicone kegel ball
  • 2*holder
  • 1*Use instruction

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Have you ever seen the kegel balls of 15 different weight combinations? Here the Lurepink is! Come with 5 interchangeable balls and 2 holders, no other brand offers like this, look no further! PREMIUM SAFE SILICONE, waterproof, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free. A SET of 5 BALLS for all levels including beginners and experts, for any further improvement

  • Come with 5 interchangeable kegel balls and 2 holders, no other brand offers like this, look no further!
  • Normal 6-8 weights on the current market, what if for the further improvement? You need to spend more to buy again. Now here the Lurepink is: 1 set of 5 kegel balls for all levels, save your money for the further improvement.
  • For beginner, you can start with 1 ball of 1.24 oz(35g) or 1.41 oz(40), or no matter what level you are at, there will be the weight for you.
  • Medical grade silicone exterior & stainless steel ball inner, 15 minutes per day, after 1-2 months, get stronger and tighter pelvic floor muscle, prevent prolapse, stop leak, improve bladder control.
  • Different color with engraved weight on each ball, you will never make a mistake on the weight.
  • In women, pelvic floor weakness is common because of childbirth. As childbirth stretches and weaken your pelvic floor muscles which often cause urine control problems. More over it can also cause one or more pelvic organs to sag. When the uterus sags, it’s called uterine prolapsed. Women can help prevent this problem by doing daily Kegel’s during and after pregnancy.

If suffering from any of the below, we can help you:

  • Embarrassing leaks when sneezing, coughing or laughing.
  • Weak pelvic wall muscles before or after childbirth.
  • Urinary stress incontinence.
  • Fecal incontinence.
  • Loose muscles.
  • Vaginal prolapse.
  • Recurrent pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Safety Information:

Consult your physician before attempting any exercise regimen, especially if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after use. Do not use during menstruations. If a lubricant is needed, use a water based lubricant only. Choking Hazard: Please keep out of the reach of children.

For you or the one you love, start feeling better now!

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 1.4 inches diameter of each kegel ball
  • Shipping Weight: 11 ounces
  • UPC: 610731329600


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Kegel Balls Silicone 有 12 个评价

  1. Arthur

    These legal balls work great! They have allowed to me to target the specific muscles I needed to be working on. The weight of them is ideal for beginners and the advanced user. These are just like any other exercise equipment you have to use them regularly and it takes time to see results, but the results are definitely worth the work.

  2. shanti gettys

    I purchased this kegel exercise weight set because when I read about it they seemed to be better than most others on the market within the same price range and I’m glad that I did because I was right. 5 kegel balls offer more choice.
    It’s made of silicone which is soft and comfortable to use,and It’s waterproof so you can use it anywhere and it makes cleaning it easier as well.
    Even doctors recommend doing kegel exercises to keep your pelvic muscles tight and help bladder control. Ideally all women should use them for 15-30 minutes a day for 30 days.
    I have tried others in the past but this one by far has helped me the most.

  3. Tiff

    Best toy ever. I love that the balls can be removed from the holder and changed out. They are easy to clean! They are easy to put in & use. Definitely recommend for more than just kegal exercise.

  4. Maria Campos

    I’ve always heard about kegel exercises, especially for women who have given birth. I have given birth to 4 children. And just after my first child, I noticed my pelvic floor muscles had become very weak. I’ve never really done anything extra to strengthen them other than just normal workouts to get back in shape. After my 3rd child, I noticed bladder weakness when running and even strong coughing or sneezing. So, I decided to buy these kegel balls to see if I can strengthen those muscles. I am very pleased with each ball being a different color and weight. The instructions shows you which ball to use as a beginner and which to switch to to increase weight as the many more days you use it. The strap that holds the balls is easy to interchange the balls. It also has a strap that you use to pull it out when you’re done using it. Easy to clean with hot water and soap. I’ve been using the kegel balls for about a week now, and I’ve noticed a difference in how my pelvic floor muscles feel when I power walk and run. Looking forward to the long term results from long term use of the kegel balls. Definitely would recommend these for anyone wanting to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and those with bladder leakage issues.

  5. Martha Mayhugh

    I love that each ball is a different color. The really neat thing, that made a difference to me, is the instructions. I would have been totally lost without them, they give directions on how to use them to get the best results. Starting with the two lower weight balls and rotating the colors ergo changing the amount of weight being used until you’ve used all the balls.

    I’ve been using these since receiving them, which has been over a week, and I’ve noticed a difference already. I know with time and following the exercise regimen my muscles will only get stronger.

    If you’ve had a hysterectomy or your bladder is weak you really need to invest in a set of these kegel balls, you’ll be so glad you did. Every woman and girl should know about kegel balls.

  6. Christine

    Very easy to use set of mini balls for kegel exercises. There are 5 different weight balls included in the set, and you are to use 1 or 2 at a time. As your muscles strengthen, you switch the combination to raise the difficulty level. The device that you put the balls into is very easy to use and the pull cord is well made and will not break. I am very happy to say that all the pieces are made of medical grade silicone, so it is definitely quality material. Very pleased with my purchase.

  7. Robert. M

    I looked at the reviews and found this product. My partner enjoy playing with it. It’s allows you change weight depends on your moods. This product is easy to clean, there is no hard to clean spot on this product.

  8. Chellie

    Easy to clean and easy to use, five colors to distinguish the weights. Wonderful !!!

  9. Corey Boyd

    I am so glad that I have received these good kegel weights. I start with the lightest weight and then go to the second level. I find that it trains my vagina and pelvic muscle well and I have a better feeling than before.Thanks to these weights my confidence in the bedroom is back and I have a very happy hubby.

  10. Ja-Shan

    I am curious and interested in kegel balls , but always not have the courage to try it . Recently my friend recommend this kegel exercise kit and I bought it .i have keep use it for couple of weeks , now can feel the difference , so recommend to more people who is interested in it .

  11. Katrina

    This is my first time to use kegel ball because I encounter some problems after my son was born. I am content with the kegel exercise ball. The delivery is fast and the package looks nice. I do not know how to use it and contact their customer service, they inquire my current condition and tell me which step I should choose and then step by step according to kegel weight to mount. I must give 5 stars to the customer service
    I have used the kegel ball 2 weeks , there has been some good results for my pelvic floor. I feel my vagina muscle are tightening and I can hold in the weights. My husband tell me my vagina becomes a little tight that makes me pretty happy.
    Now, I am in the third weight ball and I can run outside with wearing the kegel ball and do some sports with my son. I believe that it will help me solve the problem and make me reestablish my life.
    In addition, the product is high quality and has a nice hand feeling. The weights are smooth and easy to put in and take off. Different colors make you easily distinguish what weights you should choose and these weights are definitely worth trying to improve continence, confidence and overall well being.
    I highly recommend the product for you, if you have the same problem as me and you want to solve it to make you have a new life. The kegel balls strengthen my vagina muscle and make the pelvic floor more tightening. Love it and glad I bought the item.

  12. Dora

    I am so happy I went with this product. While a little bit expensive than other similar products I would highly recommend. What i love mostly is the 15 weight combinations, just 1 set for all levels, no matter you are the beginner or expert, there will be a weight for you, don’t need to spend more money for further improvement.

    It is very well made, smooth and easy to use. Lets face it, these little babies are going somewhere rather delicate and spending the extra pennies on this product is the way to go. No sharp edges to catch you or hold nasty bacteria. The color code system is easy to follow and I found myself moving up the colors quicker than I thought.

    Each set comes in a box with instructions and a little pouch. Handy if you are going away. Otherwise I store mine in the box once cleaned and dried. The weights are easy to clean and air dry pretty quickly.

    I have taken to wearing mine each morning while I am making breakfast or while in the shower. 10 to 15 minutes each morning and just 2 days into using these and i am already noticing a difference. I had looked at others but these seemed like they will be better and i wasnt wrong. I was surprised to find that i can straightaway use the third weight in from the bottom (was quite shocked by this as i thought my pelvic floor is completely shot!) so i just have to work my way up another more from this one and then maintain 🙂 You can tell that the weights are working your pelvic floor properly the whole time you are using it.


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