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I really expect this vibrator. The first time I used it, felt amazing. Good stimulation though. The second time, I seemed to get the hang of it more. Again, really fun for lots of play and warm up for me. That being said, my girlfriend loves it, and she is not easy to please. This got her there quickly. I don’t regret the purchase at all, and it is definitely worth it.

*Definitely strong (maybe too strong for me?)
*Nice material, easy to clean
*Unique motion, good shape

*Maybe a little bit of a “learning curve” for how it best works for you.

Overall, I would highly recommend this vibe and seller.

Alex Dangler
Ship fast and arrived on time as advised, this is the most important for us as a distributor, our retailers love the Lurepink toys, unique design and good quality. Although there are 2 item with damaged box in 720 units while delivering, we get the replacement soon, surprise me, love to work with Lurepink!
Jason T. Morri
Gosh, it’s the second time to wholesale Lurepink sex toys, 3 models, 1 carton for each, total 216 units. Efficient shipping and customer service within 24 hours. I just have 2 adult stores, so return and replacement warranty is the big problem for me, Lurepink never let me down, 30 days return and 1 year replacement, love the business without risk, a good sex toys wholesalers, and will work with Lurepink for further, recommend Lurepink.
Ashlea Jackson
This style of vibrator has always been hit or miss for my wife, generally what we find is that the clit is under stimulated simply because the rabbit style vibrators do not give enough direct contact to the clitoris to provide a sustained result. However this one is different, since there are 2 smaller nubs that help contain the clitoris in between and since its two actual vibrating contact points that enclose the clitoris this one actually works well. Its really the only vibrator in this format that has given my wife a good experience.
Josh Gordon
The material is great, and it feels amazing! It is strong and firm so you can apply pressure without too much give, yet its soft on the skin. The vibrator is powerful and has several different functions. The length and width are perfect for internal use. Doesn’t have a strong plastic smell, super smooth and really easy to handle. It is highly recommended that you use lube. Makes it so much better. It brings a pouch where you can store it which is also very convenient. I used that it come charged so was able to use it upon arrival. I haven’t had to recharge it yet so it seems to have a good battery life. Overall I highly recommend this product! No complaints…size is just right, like the different vibrations and like the material it is made with. Overall it is a great addition to my collection.
Kara Wagner